Import & Export in Google Sheets

Learn how to import or export data in google sheets. Learn how to migrate to google sheets from other spreadsheet programs.

import export in google sheets

Google sheets Import & Export – (Resources list)

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Module 1:
Getting started with google sheets ? Learn Import & Export data

Module 2:
Know the basics of google sheets? Learn Enter & Find data

Module 3:
Want to find an easier way to do things? Learn Formulas in google sheets

Module 4:
Need to answer logical statements and yes/no questions? Learn Logical Functions

Module 5:
Want to analyse data faster? Learn how to Sort & Filter in google sheets

Module 6:
Want to make your data look better? Learn how to Format data

Module 7:
Creating beautiful charts ? Learn all about charts in google sheets

Module 8:
Want to customize google sheets? Explore how to customize sheet

Module 9:
Want to print google sheets? Learn more about print in google sheets

Module 10
Master scripting language to extend google sheets. Learn App-script

Module 11:
Getting errors in google sheets? Learn Error handing in google sheets

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