Appscript in Google Sheets

Learn about formulas and functions in google sheets. Become a master in using formulas in google sheets.

app script in google sheets

Google sheets appscript – (Resources list)

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Module 1:
Getting started with google sheets ? Learn Import & Export data

Module 2:
Know the basics of google sheets? Learn Enter & Find data

Module 3:
Want to find an easier way to do things? Learn Formulas in google sheets

Module 4:
Need to answer logical statements and yes/no questions? Learn Logical Functions

Module 5:
Want to analyse data faster? Learn how to Sort & Filter in google sheets

Module 6:
Want to make your data look better? Learn how to Format data

Module 7:
Creating beautiful charts ? Learn all about charts in google sheets

Module 8:
Want to customize google sheets? Explore how to customize sheet

Module 9:
Want to print google sheets? Learn more about print in google sheets

Module 10
Master scripting language to extend google sheets. Learn App-script

Module 11:
Getting errors in google sheets? Learn Error handing in google sheets

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