Free Statement of Account Template Google Sheets

A business uses an account statement to record all the incoming and outgoing transactions from a business account. Account statements give an overview of company accounts and it is used by accounting and finance teams in an organization.

In this template, you can record your company name in the header, company to which you are billing, date of transaction, description of the transaction, balance before transaction, amount of actual transaction.

Also there is an option of recording the dues. You can input the current dues, past 30, 60, 90 or more than 90 days due.

Name:Account statement template
Category:Business, Finance
Application:Google sheets
Tags:statement of account template google sheets, google sheet template for checking account, accounts receivable template google sheets

Screenshots of the template:

Free Statement of Account Template Google Sheets


What is a statement of account?

A statement of account is a financial statement that shows a company’s account balances over a specified period of time.

Why does the company use an account?

A statement of account can be used by a company to track its financial performance over time, or to compare its financial performance to that of its competitors.

Who is incharge of managing this document?

The statement of account is typically managed by the company’s accounting or finance department.

How to create a statement of account document using spreadsheet?

Creating a statement of account document using a spreadsheet is a simple process. First, create a new spreadsheet and label it “Statement of Account.” Next, create columns for the date, account name, account balance, and account type. Finally, populate the spreadsheet with the relevant data.

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