Free Project Task List Template Google Sheets

Project task list is a document to capture the list of tasks that need to be done as part of a project work. You can use an online software to do this but that will come with a cost. Instead you can use a google sheet template like this to do this for free.

In this project task list template, you have two tabs. One tab is to record all the task lists and other tab is to view the summary in a chart format.

Under Task list tab, you have the option to record owner name, task assigned and status of the task. You also have start date, end date, due date, completed date, task reference and comments.

Under project overview tab, you have two charts. One shows milestone status and the other chart shows the task status in a bar graph.

Name:Project task list template
Category:Business, Project management
Application:Google sheets
Tags:project task list template google sheets

Screenshots of the template:

Free Project Task List Template Google Sheets
Free Project Task List Template Google Sheets 2


What is project planning?

Project planning is the process of defining a new project, identifying the work required to complete the project, and estimating the time and resources needed to do the work.

Who does project planning?

The project manager is responsible for planning the project. However, the project team may also be involved in some aspects of the planning process.

What is a project task list template?

A project task list template is a document that lists all of the tasks that need to be completed in order to successfully complete a project. This template can be used by project managers to ensure that all tasks are accounted for and that deadlines are met.

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