Free Business trip budget Template Google Sheets

This template helps you to budget your business trip. It will help you record all the different expenses category wise. This will help you file the same for reimbursement at your company.

There are 2 tabs in the spreadsheet. One is for the overview and other is for recording the details of the business trip.

You can record your Airfare, Rail Fare, car rental, gas charges, hotel accommodation details, Food expenses and other Miscellaneous details. All details and their cost will automatically feed into the Summary/Overview tab.

Name:Business trip budget template
Category:Business, Finance
Application:Google sheets
Tags:Basic google sheets trip budget template, trip planner template, trip itinerary template, Road trip budget plan template

Screenshots of the template:


What is a business trip budget? 

A business trip budget is an estimate of the costs associated with a business trip, including travel, lodging, meals, and other expenses. 

Who needs it? 

A business trip budget is typically created by a company’s travel department or accounting department, in advance of a business trip. It can be used by employees to estimate the costs of their trip, and by the company to track actual expenses. 

When do they need this? 

A business trip budget should be created in advance of a business trip, to allow time for planning and estimation. 

How to prepare a business trip budget? 

To prepare a business trip budget, estimate the costs of travel, lodging, meals, and other expenses. Include a margin for error, and consider using a travel budget calculator to help with the estimation. 

Why is it important? 

A business trip budget is important because it helps a company track actual expenses against an estimate, and helps employees plan for their trip.

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