Free Auto Mileage Log Template Google Sheets

You can use this free auto mileage log template for google sheets to create a mileage log of your business travels.

Name:Auto Mileage Log Template
Category:Personal Planning
Application:Google sheets
Tags:Auto Mileage Log Template google sheets

Screenshots of the template:

Free Auto Mileage Log Template Google Sheets


What is an auto mileage log template?

An auto mileage log template is a tool used to track and record the mileage driven for business purposes. The template may be in the form of a spreadsheet or a simple table. It should include columns for the date, starting point, destination, purpose of the trip, and total mileage driven.

What is the advantage of preparing an auto mileage log spreadsheet?

There are several advantages to preparing an auto mileage log spreadsheet. First, it provides a convenient way to track and record business mileage. This can be helpful for tax purposes or for reimbursement from an employer. Second, it can help to identify patterns of driving behavior, such as frequent stops or long distances driven. This information can be used to improve fuel efficiency or to plan more efficient routes. Finally, a mileage log can be a valuable tool for tracking vehicle maintenance and repair costs.

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