Google sheets print multiple sheets

When you are working with a google sheet that has multiple worksheets and you come across the need to print them. Printing them individually is easy compared to printing all of the sheets because you need to ensure the printout looks good and there are no formatting issues.

But in many cases, you need to print multiple sheets in a workbook. In this quick guide, we will learn how to print multiple sheets in google sheets. 

Google sheets print multiple sheets in PC or Mac:

1. Open google sheets on your computer

2. From the main menu, go to File > Print

3. From the print menu, choose Print > workbook

4. Under the Selection option select the required sheets

5. Click on Apply and then Click Next

Print multiple sheets on Android or iOS:

1. Open google sheets on your android phone

2. Tap on the 3 dots menu icon at the top right

3. Select the Share and export option

4. Tap on the Print option from the list 

5. By default all sheets are selected

6. Uncheck what you don’t need

7. Proceed to print

Google Sheets will send the selected multiple sheets to the printer for printing.

Here is a quick video showing how to print multiple sheets in google sheets on a desktop:

While most of the time you will be working with a single sheet, there are several occasions where you need many related or unrelated sheets in the same workbook.

For example, when you are working with accounting you will have the finance data for different departments on different sheets and one master sheet will have the summary of the finance for the company. Your boss may ask you to print the financial data of a few departments only. 

Let’s learn different printing scenarios in detail. 

Table of content:

  • Print multiple sheets
  • Print all sheets (entire workbook)
  • Common Print settings
  • Print selected cells
  • Print to PDF

Google sheets print multiple sheets – examples with pictures

We have briefly covered how to print multiple steps in this guide. Let’s see it with an example.

Using computer:

Step-1: Open google sheets on the computer and click on File from the menu

Step-2: Click on Print to open the Print window

You can do this using keyboard shortcuts. 

In PC : Ctrl + p
In Mac: Command + p
Google sheets print multiple sheets example

Step-3: Print window has a sidebar menu. From Print options, select Workbook

select workbook

Step-4: Another dropdown field named Selection will appear. Click on that

choose sheets from selection options

Step-5: By default, all sheets are selected. Uncheck those that you do not want to print

uncheck sheets not needed for printing

Step-6: Click on Apply to apply the selection. 

Step-7: As the last step, click on Next to send the file to a printer

send to print in google sheets

Using mobile device (Android or iOS)

In mobile, the steps are different compared to desktop.

Follow these steps:

Step-1: Open a sheet on your google sheet app. Click on the 3 dot icon at the top right

Step-2: This will open the mobile menu. Tap on the Share and export option

Step-3: This will open share options. From here tap on the Print option

Step-4: Now a print window will appear with all thumbnails of each sheet

Step-5: Notice that all sheets are pre-selected. Tap to uncheck the one you do not need printing 

Finally, proceed to print or choose to save it as a PDF.

Print the entire workbook in google sheets (all sheets)

In the above example, we saw how to print multiple sheets by selecting which one we need. If you have to print the entire workbook then, do not uncheck any sheet and proceed with printing.

The steps for computer and mobile are the same except for the uncheck selection step.

Here is a screenshot showing this in action:

print entire workbook in google sheets

Google sheets printer settings in Computer

On the print window, you have print settings before sending the document to the printer. Let’s touch upon these settings briefly.

Print settings

This option let you choose among printing current sheets, selected sheets, entire workbooks, and selected cells.

Choosing to print the current sheet will only print the currently open sheet in the workbook. If you have 3 sheets and sheet 3 is active, then this option will print sheet 3 ignoring 1 and 2.

Printing selected sheets or entire sheets option we just previously.

The selected cells option will only print those cells which are highlighted in the currently open and active sheet.

Page size settings

This is the standard page dimension option. Choose the option as per the actual print paper size in your printer.

Page orientation

Here you choose between landscape and portrait


The scale option lets you decide how the document appears on a paper. The recommended setting is fit to width for optimal appearance.  


Here you can define the margin of the document. Choose between preset values or define a custom number for the margin.

These are the basic options for printing. Now let’s discuss some of the advanced print options.

Setting print breaks in google sheets

The most popular option is to set the print area using custom page breaks. It lets you set the page breaks visually hence setting the print area.

Click on the Set custom page breaks option.

A window will appear where you can see dotted lines for pre-defined page breaks on each side of the page. When you hover your mouse on them they will change to movable lines. You can move these lines to define your print area.

Other than these options, you have formatting and Header/Footer options available which are daily straightforward. 

Google sheets printer settings in Mobile

When printing on mobile, you do not have the same choice as a desktop. 

Google sheets app has some basic printing options on mobile.

These are setting the number of copies to print, color setting, choosing between one side printing vs both, paper size setting, orientation setting, and choosing which sheets to print.

These options work the same way as they work on the desktop.

Print to PDF in google sheets

While printing multiple sheets in google sheets, you have the option to save the document as a PDF instead of sending them to the actual printer.

In computer:

If you are on a chrome browser, then on clicking the Next button in the Print window, a popup will appear to choose the destination.

Here you can choose “Save as PDF” instead of choosing one of the available printers. You have the option to preview the PDF as well. Finally, click the Save button to save the PDF on your computer. 

In Android:

In android when you tap on the Print option from the “Share and export” options popup, the print window will appear.

Here the default option “Save as PDF” will appear at the top of the screen. You can select this option from the drop-down if not selected by default. Finally, tap on the round yellow button to save the PDF. It will save the PDF in your Downloads folder.


How to print multiple tabs in google sheets?

Printing multiple tabs is the same as printing multiple sheets. You can do this by opening the print option and selecting the sheets that you want to print.

How to print multiple google sheets at once?

To print multiple sheets at once follow these steps on your computer. Go to File > Print, select Print workbook and click on Next to print all sheets at once.

Wrapping up

In this tutorial, you learned how to print multiple sheets in google sheets. Also, we explored print settings available on desktop and mobile. 

Go ahead and print multiple sheets with custom settings in google sheets. 


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